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9th Bi-Annual Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium

Every other year, the Dispute Resolution Society and Fordham's ADR and Conflict Resolution Program present their Bi-Annual Symposium. Please check back for details on the 9th Bi-Annual Symposium to be hosted in the Fall of 2015.

8th Bi-Annual Symposium

On Friday, October 4, 2013, Fordham Law School’s ADR & Conflict Resolution Program presented its Bi-Annual Symposium, ADR Ethics in a Changing World. Mediation has developed into a form of dispute resolution as quintessential as traditional adversarial procedures. As use of mediation has increased in frequency and complexity across the world, it has become especially important to pinpoint ethical benchmarks to the process. In her keynote, Professor Ellen Waldman provided a unique and informative prospective on how to approach issues surrounding ethics in mediation. Participants then had the opportunity to share and develop their own ideas in small groups. Our panelists then furthered the conversation by offering their own perspectives.

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