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thumbnail March 6, 2014: Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice Myron T. Steele  >> read more
thumbnail Comparative Corporate Governance Distinguished Lecture Series. Tobias Troger on March 27 and Pierre-Henri Conac on April 10.  >> read more
thumbnail April 3, 2014: U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Judge Ralph K. Winter, Jr.  >> read more

The Fordham Corporate Law Center brings scholars, professionals, policy-makers and students together for the discussion and study of business and financial law.  Designed in 2001 as a think tank to explore timely business and finance topics and to showcase groundbreaking scholarship, the Center integrates trends in scholarly literature with real-world events and selects topics that bridge the gap between academics and practitioners. The Center strives to make Fordham Law a recognized center of excellence for the study of business law.  Our location in the financial capital of the world and our distinguished alumni afford opportunities to make significant contributions to the financial industry, the practicing New York Bar and in academic research.

Our programs and business law faculty tackle complex questions affecting today's economic, political and legal issues that impact global financial markets. The Center convenes public lectures, roundtable discussions, expert panels, and academic symposia on topics of current interest in business and financial law.  The Center also serves as a platform to showcase the business law scholarship of Fordham faculty and research affiliates in a wide variety of financial sub-specialties.  Distinguished alumni return to the law school to meet with students interested in corporate and business law careers through breakfast and lunch time series and also serve as mentors.

The Corporate Law Center and the Fordham Law Office of International and Non-J.D. Programs are very proud to announce the creation of the Corporate Compliance Institute with the first-of-its-kind LL.M. in Corporate Compliance and a three week Certificate Program in Summer 2013 (www.law.fordham.edu/cci).

You can follow and connect with the Center, access archival materials, and link to recent business law faculty scholarship:

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