Trial & Arbitration Advocacy

Sections of this course are taught by trial lawyers.  The course deals with techniques and strategies in civil and criminal litigation.  Students face typical problems from all phases of trial practice with an emphasis on methods of developing facts, including direct examination, cross examination, exhibit introduction, impeachment, opening and closing statements.  A lecture and demonstration of the above skills is presented to all students enrolled in the Trial & Arbitration Advocacy sections for the first eight weeks of the semester.  For the entire semester, students meet once a week with their individual instructor.
Evidence is a PRE- OR CO-requisite for Trial & Arbitration Advocacy sections.  (Students may register for Trial & Arb. Advocacy if they have previously taken Evidence OR are taking Evidence in the same semester as Trial & Arb. Advocacy.)

Credits: 3

Type: CLN

Does this course satisfy the skills requirement? Yes

When is this course offered? Fall and Spring semesters