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To earn credit for fieldwork through the Externship Program, students must work for a minimum number of required hours at an approved placement while contemporaneously participating in an Externship seminar.  Every placement is required to have one Supervising Attorney who will guide and mentor students during the semester.

For more information about the program or how to sign up, please contact:

Helene McNanna

Fieldwork Component

Student externs receive two academic credits (graded pass/fail) for the fieldwork portion of the course.*

  • During the fall and spring semesters, students must perform and document at least 10 hours of fieldwork per week for a minimum of 13 weeks during the semester. 
  • During the summer semester, students must perform and document at least 20 hours of fieldwork per week for a minimum of 8 weeks during the semester

Students may not be paid by their employer.

  • Students may be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses such as travel to work. 
  • Additionally, students can receive fellowship money from a third party source as well as externship credit for work at the same placement, but only if:
    • A significant number of additional fieldwork hours are performed beyond that required for externship credit alone. To learn more about fellowships that support work outside of the Law School, contact the Public Interest Resource Center.

* While the two credits for fieldwork count toward your semester credit load and toward the required 83 credits to complete your degree, they may not be used towards the residency requirement.  For additional information, please visit the Registrar's web page on Academic Regulations.

Students must be supervised by one attorney.

  • For more information about the requirements for Supervising Attorneys, click here.

Seminar Component

Student externs receive one academic credit (letter grade) for the externship seminar course.
  • Seminar grades are based on the quality of class participation and written assignments.
  • All student externs (regardless of seminar) are required to submit the following assignments:
    (a) Statement of Goals, signed by the Supervising Attorney;
    (b) Acknowledgment of Program Requirements, signed by the Supervising Attorney;
    (c) And the end-of-semester Reflections (which includes an evaluation of the field placement).
  • Additional written assignments vary for each seminar.