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CLIP-ings: April 4, 2014

Internet Governance

EU Goes Net Neutral: The European Parliament approved net neutrality rules forbidding Internet and telecommunications companies from discriminating between different services that run on their networks; the rules also phase out cellular roaming fees for European customers traveling between EU member nations.
Face-to-Face: A Texas judge has summoned Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles to appear in court to explain why his company went bankrupt and what happened to its reported $474 million in missing bitcoins.
Don’t Panic: ICANN’s chief executive rebuked claims that Russia or China will seize control over the non-profit Internet governance organization when the US ends its oversight role in 2015.


Merkel Makes NSA List: Leaked NSA documents revealed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel—and more than 100 other foreign leaders—have been singled out by the agency for heightened surveillance.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Shop Till You Drop: A serious flaw in eBay-owned ProStores potentially allowed hijackers to shop for free and displayed customers’ credit card information in clear text.
Chinese Cyber-Attacks: The Chinese Computer Emergency Response Team’s annual threat white paper reported that 30% of cyber attacks on Chinese systems came from US sources. 

Intellectual Property

DMCA Auteurs: Dropbox has implemented a “file hashing against a blacklist” function that, without requiring an inspection of user data, keeps copyrighted material from being shared through the service.
Free Expression & Censorship
Turkey Atwitter: Following a ruling by the Turkish Constitution Court that a Twitter ban violated freedoms, the government announced it would lift the block.
Practice Notes
Patented Software: Earlier this week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank, a case that could have significant implications for the future of software patenting.
On the Lighter Side
Flow Hard Or Go Home: SwiftKey brings their gesture-input technology to physical keyboards (but not really).
Editorial Fellows: Kwame Akosah, Adiella Stadler, Tom Norton