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CLIP-ings: March 14, 2014

Internet Governance

Singapore Regulates Bitcoin: To prevent money laundering and terrorist funding, Singapore’s central bank is introducing rules requiring operators of Bitcoin exchanges
to verify customer identities and report suspicious transactions.
Google Encryption: Google has begun to routinely encrypt Web searches globally as part of an effort to impede government surveillance and censorship in China and other countries.


Upskirts Upskirted: Massachusetts lawmakers, responding immediately to anger over last week’s Supreme Judicial Court ruling that voyeurism laws did not apply to the taking of “upskirt” photos, passed a bill making such an act a misdemeanor.
Italian Indiscretions: Italian police are investigating “porno blackmails,” a scam whereby young women secretly record a victim’s sexually explicit behavior on Skype and then threaten to disseminate the video unless the victim pays.
NSA Metadata Collection Extended: The FISA court temporarily suspended its five year limit for retaining phone record metadata after a California District Court order suggested that such records could be used as evidence in upcoming civil suits.
Information Security & Cyberthreats
CIA-Senate Standoff: Senator Feinstein accused the CIA of infiltrating the computers of the Senate committee tasked with investigating past torture practices; the CIA accused the same committee of stealing internal CIA documents.
WhatsApp Hacked: A hole in WhatsApp’s encryption security, plus a flaw in Android’s app infrastructure, allows hackers to access all of a user’s chat conversations.
Intellectual Property
Devo Says “Hats Off”: The band Devo settled its trademark dispute with an online retailer over sales of the iconic “energy dome hat.”

Free Expression & Censorship

Russia Disciplines Independent Media: Russia’s media watchdog formally warned the  independent online news outlet for promoting extremism by publishing an  article about a controversial Ukrainian opposition leader.
Practice Note
Your Clients’ Secrets Are In Safe Hands? In the wake of a recent document leak about the surveillance of American law firms and their international clients, NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander assured the ABA that the NSA respects attorney-client privilege.
On the Lighter Side
Modern Day Fairy Tale: Edmund Spenser, eat your heart out. 
Editorial Fellows: Kwame Akosah, Adiella Stadler, Tom Norton