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CLIP-ings: November 15, 2013


Internet Governance

Post On Sundays:  In a move that combines modern Internet retail and the old-school shipping infrastructure, Amazon and the U.S. Post Office are collaborating to offer Sunday delivery in the New York and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, with plans to eventually expand the service to other major U.S. cities.
Proposed U.N. Mass Surveillance Resolution: Brazil and Germany’s proposed resolution, which calls upon the states to end privacy violations and establish oversight mechanisms, would mark the first time the U.N. has officially recognized a connection between mass surveillance and human rights.


Alleged Government Malware: Recently leaked NSA documents allege that the British intelligence agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), installed malware on the employees of major telecommunications and clearinghouse companies by covertly routing them to fake LinkedIn and Slashdot webpages—which then provided GCHQ access to vast amounts of mobile connection data.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Adobe Hack Ripples: In the wake of the Adobe hack last month, some companies, including Facebook, are proactively mitigating potential harm by requiring users to answer security questions and change their passwords if their login credentials are identical to their Adobe login credentials.

Intellectual Property

Tat-Too Much? A Motorola patent application introduces a microphone and wireless transceiver for your smartphone in the form of an "electronic neck tattoo” that converts throat vibrations into a digital signal, which is processed by the smartphone.
Who Owns Your Facebook Likes? A woman who created a Facebook page for the popular BET television show The Game is now suing the network for instructing Facebook to “unlawfully convert” the 6.78 million “likes” from her page to BET’s official page.

Free Expression & Censorship

A Facebook Firing: A court held that the Oregon Department of Human Services was justified in firing a child protective services caseworker for her Facebook rants on child-rearing and public assistance.
Practice Note
Google Books Ruled Fair Use: A U.S. district court, persuaded by Google’s fair use defense, granted the company’s motion for summary judgment in a lawsuit over Google’s Book Search service, which pairs a search function with scanned copies of public domain and copyright-protected books.

On the Lighter Side

Twitter Party: All companies invited.

Editorial Fellows: Victoria Geronimo, Adiella Stadler