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CLIP-ings: November 8, 2013


Internet Governance

Leave The Tip. Take The Cannoli: MafiaLeaks, a new Italian-run website, seeks to combat organized crime by instructing tipsters to use the Tor network to submit anonymous tips that can then be re-directed to “trustworthy people” in the police or media.


Don’t Try To Google This: A French court ruled that Google must filter and block the compromising images of former Formula One chief Max Mosley on the grounds that it was illegal to “take and distribute” photographs of a person in a private area without his consent.
Oh, The Irony: Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, a vocal critic of NSA surveillance, admitted that Brazil had been spying on U.S. and other foreign diplomats under a domestic surveillance program launched by the previous president. 

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Bitcoin Bedlam: A pair of Cornell University researchers warn that the Bitcoin crypto-currency could be exploited if a third of all Bitcoin miners band together to create a private "blockchain" that is longer than the public "blockchain."
A Bad Case Of Motion Sickness:  Hackers breached an archive file for a company that brokers limousine services for more than 850,000 customers – including high-profile clientele such as LeBron James, Tom Hanks, and Donald Trump – and which contains personal information such as travel itineraries and pick-up locations.

Intellectual Property

Smart Phone, Smarter Home: Apple was granted a patent for a smart home system that integrates geolocation data from your credit cards and other Apple devices to anticipate your needs and adjust accordingly.
Copyright Watchdogs Bitten: TorrentFreak investigations of both the RIAA and BPI websites found that the trade organizations violated the only condition imposed by MIT for use of its open source code.

Free Expression & Censorship

Apple Sings:  Although Apple’s report on government information requests included a “warrant canary” for Section 215 of the Patriot Act, it did not include a similar statement for Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Practice Note

Hoarders 2.0: A former IT manager was sentenced to four years in prison for withholding the passwords to the computer network of the company that fired him.  

On the Lighter Side

Good Morning? Because nothing motivates you like impending doom.
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