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CLIP-ings: September 13, 2013


Internet Governance

Internet Giants’ Initiative:  On Monday, several major Internet companies filed petitions with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court demanding permission to disclose information about the number of data requests they receive from the NSA. 


NSA-Israel Raw Data Deal:  A report leaked by Edward Snowden shows that the NSA provided raw data to an Israeli security agency without filtering users’ personal information or creating legally enforceable safeguards against misuse.
Google Street View Litigation:  On interlocutory appeal, the Ninth Circuit rejected Google’s argument that it did not violate the Wiretap Act by collecting wireless network data in connection its development of Google Street View.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Technology May Make Passwords Obsolete:  Amidst Apple’s release of Touch ID, the New York Times Bits Blog discusses the move toward technological alternatives designed to improve security through new forms of personal identification.

Fantasy Football Fumble:  Simple vulnerabilities in the popular Yahoo! fantasy football app allowed hackers to manipulate users’ lineups, putting next week’s episode of The League on a silver platter for its writers. 

Intellectual Property

DMCA Requests and Fair Use:  In deciding a feud between bloggers, a federal court in Massachusetts determined that a copyright holder does not need to explore a potential infringer’s possible affirmative defenses, such as fair use, before sending a DMCA notice and takedown request. 

Free Expression & Censorship

China to Prosecute Rumor-Mongers:  The Chinese government will incarcerate authors of alleged defamatory rumors if their online postings are read by more than 5000 people or reblogged 500 times, or if they cause their subjects to experience “mental disorders.” 

Practice Note

Cloud Services Pose Risk to Confidential Communications:  PRISM raises new concerns for practitioners in keeping clients’ confidentiality while managing large amounts of case files on electronic systems. 

On the Lighter Side

TacoCopter Takes Flight, For Real This Time:  Panelists at Disrupt SF fulfill the wishes of the hungry.
Dean's Fellow: Daniela Alvarado