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CLIP-ings: September 6, 2013

Internet Governance
Internet Cam Crackdown: The FTC has ordered an internet-connected camera company to beef up security against hacker attacks. 
Auto-mated Censorship: A Formula One driver has sued Google in France to require the company to create software to filter future online postings containing the photos leaked five years ago from the driver’s BDSM party.
DEA Phone Surveillance: For the past several years, the Drug Enforcement Administration has regularly accessed a database containing decades’ worth of call records, including every call that has passed through an AT&T switch.
Information Security & Cyberthreats
Syrian Cyber-War? Because they would reduce collateral damage compared to traditional military tactics, analysts say cyber attacks could be used in a military intervention in the Syrian conflict. 
Avian Secret Agents: A stork detained by Egyptian authorities is the latest in a series of suspected feathered spies.

Intellectual Property

Playlist or Compilation? A popular UK nightclub has sued the music streaming service Spotify for its refusal to remove user playlists that mirror compilation CDs marketed and sold by the club. 
The Latest in Troll Targets: A study published this week shows that 41% of lawsuits filed by non-practicing entities involve business method patents. 

Free Expression & Censorship

Revenge Porn Bill: The California Senate has approved a bill that would criminalize the distribution of sexually explicit photographs to cause humiliation or distress. 

Practice Note

Blocking Infringement by Non-Parties: A recent Federal Circuit decision, Aevoe v. AE Tech, has enabled district courts to issue preliminary injunctions against non-parties that distribute potentially infringing products sourced by a defendant. 

On the Lighter Side

Worst Interview Ever: An electronics company tests its latest TV’s picture quality before unsuspecting interviewees. 


Dean's Fellow: Daniela Alvarado