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Volunteer Privacy Educators Program

In 2012, CLIP launched a first-of-its-kind privacy education program aimed at engaging middle school students in discussions about privacy and its relevance in their lives. Based on research conducted by former CLIP Privacy Fellow Jordan Kovnot, CLIP created a series of lesson plans and visual aids to be used by instructors in middle school classrooms. These lessons center on discussions of what privacy is, how it may be relevant to young people’s lives, and how the technologies they regularly use impact their privacy. Specific topics include managing an online reputation, understanding how technologies like cell phones and facial recognition work, dealing with social media “drama,” and maintaining secure passwords.

For the pilot run in spring 2013, CLIP recruited and trained a team of Fordham Law students to teach these lessons to 7th grade students at PS 191, a local public middle school in Manhattan. Fordham students served in the program on a volunteer basis and, as a result, were able to earn credits toward the New York Bar’s pro bono admission requirement. Fordham CLIP has now made the curriculum available as a set of free open source documents to any educators who want to use the instructional materials to address the many privacy issues teens face as their use of technology skyrockets. The curriculum is downloadable below. CLIP officially launched the program on October 16, 2013.

Institutions from around the country also teach the program for free in their own communities.

Participating schools include:

Berkeley Law Georgetown
Harvard-Berkman Center Idaho
UC-Irvine NKU Chase Law
Roger Williams Rutgers-Newark
Seattle Suffolk
Tulane Washington University-St. Louis 

CLIP would like to thank these academic institutions, as well as Nichole Gagnon and Shawn Mitchell of PS 191 for their assistance and for opening their classrooms to our program.

2013 Fordham CLIP Volunteer Privacy Educators:
Nicholas Santangelo
Tiffany Mahmood
Katelyn Patton
Victoria Geronimo
Laura Lagone

2014 Fordham CLIP Volunteer Privacy Educators:
Elizabeth Martin
Constantine Petallides
Moshe Peters
Elizabeth Walker

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Privacy Education Materials

Teacher Training Manual (pdf)
Lesson Plan Outlines (pdf)

Lesson Plan Powerpoint Slides
Passwords & Behavioral Ads
Dealing with Social Media
Technology: Mobile, WiFi, Facial Recognition