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CLIP-ings: March 8, 2013

Internet Governance
Cell Phone Unlocking OK’d: The Obama Administration came out in support of consumers’ rights to unlock their mobile devices after an Internet petition seeking to legalize the practice received over 114,000 signatures.
Commercial Use of Public Data: The German Federal Council passed a new law that will allow private businesses to obtain German's personal addresses for commercial use only when those individuals have provided prior consent to either the business or the state.


TX Mobile Privacy: A bill in Texas that would establish probable cause requirements for government acquisition of pen register, cell tower and other forms of location-identifying data is being praised by privacy advocates for offering “sweeping protection.”
NYPD Snooping on Teens: As part of the recently expanded Juvenile Robbery Intervention Program, New York City detectives are creating fake Facebook profiles, posing as teenage girls, in an effort to gain access to gang and crime-related information being published on the website by young offenders.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Evernote Hacked: The cloud storage service claims that no customer documents  or credit card numbers were accessed but it set about resetting the passwords of its 50 million users as a precaution.

Free Expression & Censorship

EU Porn Ban: A proposal before the European Union aimed at “eliminating gender stereotypes” calls for a broad ban of pornography “in the media” which would effectively ban all online porn and require ISPs to monitor and police their systems for adult content.
Private Censorship in China: A group of investigators discovered that private companies are paying bribes to official Chinese Internet censors to have critical material about their products and services removed from the web.

Practice Notes

Cookie Problems: A review of some of the novel state law-based arguments and potentially friendly venues for plaintiffs bringing class actions based on tracking cookies.

On the Lighter Side

DRM in the Hot Seat: This art project is sure to please anyone fired up about copyright use restrictions.

Editorial Fellows: Austen Ishii, Grace Nam