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CLIP-ings: February 15, 2013


Internet Governance

Hashtag Payment: Twitter has partnered with American Express to launch a service allowing members to purchase items online by tweeting a special hashtag.


“Suspicionless” Device Seizure Ok’d: The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights and Liberties concluded that the civil liberties benefits of requiring reasonable suspicion did not outweigh the necessity of maintaining current border search procedures for national security reasons.
US Lobbyists Write EU Amendments: The website LobbyPlag disclosed that members of the European Parliament proposed amendments to data protection laws that were copied verbatim from language submitted by American lobbyists.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Bush Family Hacked: Hackers broke into the email accounts of members of the Bush family, stealing and publishing private contact information, correspondence, and self-portraits painted by the 43rd President.

Intellectual Property

Government Defends File-Sharing Penalty: The Justice Department urged the Supreme Court to uphold a judgment from the Eighth Circuit awarding damages of $222,000 for the illegal sharing of 24 songs.
“Like” Button Patent Dispute: Facebook is being sued over allegations that aspects of the site’s design infringe on patents originally granted to a deceased Dutch programmer.

Free Expression & Censorship

Free Expression May Trump Copyright: The European Court of Human Rights ruled that in certain circumstances convictions based on copyright law may infringe on the right of freedom of expression and information provided for in the European Convention on Human Rights.
Russia Bans Video: An instructional special effects video, featuring a razorblade sticking out of a person’s wrist, was banned by the Russian government for violating a prohibition on content providing instructions on how to commit suicide.

Practice Notes

Patent Acronyms Explained: Techpolicy’s TAP blog explains the meanings and standards behind some important patent licensing terms.

On the Lighter Side

Twitter Speaks A New Languuj: Doez u xcept termz of serviz?


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