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CLIP-ings: January 11, 2013

Internet Governance
France Unblocks Ads: In the name of defending the “open Internet” the French government has ordered an ISP to stop blocking online advertisements- a policy that was seen as a retaliatory measure against companies like Google whose services require large amounts of bandwidth.
Article 29 Successor Floated: A bill proposed in the European Parliament would replace the multi-state working group with an EU-wide data protection agency, and create a new right of data portability.


Harris Issues App Guidelines: California AG Kamala Harris continued her campaign for greater mobile app privacy by publishing a detailed set of recommendations for developers, including providing users with a special alert when an app may be collecting data in an unanticipated way.
Disney Tracking: The Disney World theme park will begin issuing visitors RFID wristbands, connected to credit card data and other personally identifying information, which will allow them to make purchases, secure spots in line for rides, and receive personalized greetings from costumed characters.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Hackers’ Code of Ethics: In an effort to promote the responsible reporting of security flaws, the Dutch government has issued guidelines that encourage harmony between private companies and independent security researchers.

Intellectual Property

Easing Import Bans: The Department of Justice and USPTO warned the U.S. International Trade Commission that banning imports of products where infringement claims are based on essential, industry standard patents, could harm competitive conditions and innovation.

Free Expression & Censorship

DDoS as Social Protest: The Anonymous collective has started a White House petition to have denial of service attacks, traditionally considered a form of hacking, officially recognized as a protectable form of protest, similar to when activists “occupy” an office building.
Amazon Favoring Own Services: Competitors of Amazon’s fulfillment service (which stores and ships products for independent merchants who sell wares via Amazon) are complaining that the company filters out negative customer reviews for merchants who utilize the service, leaving merchants who utilize other shipping services at a competitive disadvantage.

Practice Notes

Social Media Policy Tips: A handy guide for anyone at the early stages of considering whether, or how, to allow employees to use social media in the workplace.

On the Lighter Side

Game Over: A father puts a hit out on his son’s gaming addiction.

Editorial Fellows: Megan Bright & Jordan Kovnot