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CLIP-ings: December 14, 2012

Internet Governance
Facebook Voting: After less than .05% of users participated in a vote on whether to approve a new privacy policy, Facebook announced that it will no longer offer users the ability to control policy changes through voting.
SEC Disclosures: The Securities and Exchange Commission informed Netflix that it may take legal action against the company because Netflix’ CEO disclosed material financial information via an insufficiently public forum: Facebook.


COPPA Failures: In a move that may herald pending investigations and enforcement actions, the FTC released a report showing that only 20 percent of children’s apps appear to make legally required disclosures to parents regarding the types of data the apps collect and share.
IE Mouse Tracking: A security researcher has uncovered an exploit within the Internet Explorer browser that can allow attackers to track users’ desktop cursor movements, even when the browser window has been minimized.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Police-Spoofing Fraud: A new bit of malware nicknamed “ransomware” locks down users’ computers and then, masquerading as a local law enforcement agency, demands that users pay a fine in order to restore their systems.

Intellectual Property

EU Patent Harmonization: Patent acquisition costs could drop by as much as 80 percent after the European Union parliament approved a proposal to create a uniform patent system.

Free Expression & Censorship

Mug Shot Extortion: In an effort to combat a site that posts publicly-available mug shots but only removes them when paid to do so, an Ohio man filed a lawsuit claiming that the unauthorized use of his photo violates his right of publicity.
UK Libel Proposal: Critics are pushing back against a proposed law that would pressure site operators to remove even potentially lawful content immediately after receiving complaints about it.

Practice Notes

Self-Evaluating Privacy: The Centre for Information Policy Leadership has created a publicly-available tool for businesses to assess their internal privacy policies with the hopes that such assessments will be useful in explaining policies to regulators.

On the Lighter Side

@SeinfeldToday: What if Kramer was on LinkedIn? What if George’s parents used Skype? 
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