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Topical Panel Discussions, Public Debate and Other Events

From time to time, CLIP hosts panel discussions, public debate forums or various other events focused on specific issues that have generated interest among the Fordham Law School student population.  These events are typically open to the general public. 

Past events have included:

  • Public debate on Net Neutrality
  • Panel discussion on Reputation in the Internet Age
  • IP Authors Series featuring authors of recently published books in the information law field

Watch CLIP-sponsored book talk featuring Adam Tanner here - "What Stays in Vegas" - C-SPAN2, Sept. 22, 2014

Tech Law Career Series

This annual series is a chance for students to explore various careers available in technology and information law in a casual setting.  CLIP brings practitioners to the law school to discuss their practice with a small group of students over lunch or wine and cheese.  The format offers a unique opportunity for students to find out about different practices and ask questions in an intimate setting.

To view PDFs of the schedule and participants of the Tech Law Career Series from past years, please use the links below.

2014 Tech Law Career Cocktail Series

2013 Tech Law Career Cocktail Series

2012 Tech Law Career Cocktail Series

2011 Tech Law Career Cocktail Series

2010 Tech Law Career Cocktail Series

2009 Tech Law Career Lunch Series

2008 Tech Law Career Lunch Series

Information Society Book Club

The student book club was initiated in the spring of 2009.  The goal of the book club is for students to read books related to law and the information society and then discuss them in a casual setting. Discussion sessions are lead entirely by student volunteers.  Following is a list of some of the books that the club has read:  Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig; The Gridlock Economy by Michael Heller; The Digital Person by Daniel Solove; In Search of Jefferson's Moose by David Post; The Future of the Internet by Jonathan Zittrain; Total Recall by Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell; Delete by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger; The Master Switch by Tim Wu; The Googlization of Everything by Siva Vaidhyanathan; and Copyfraud by Jason Mazzone.

Career Panels

CLIP, in conjunction with the Fordham Law School Career Planning Center and the Fordham Information Law Society, hosts panel discussions on various career options.  The panels seek to provide law students with an overview of a specific practice area and panel members typically represent a diverse cross section of the given area.  The goal of the panels is to provide insight about a practice area and to offer advice about pursuing a career in the specific field. 

Past panels have focused on the following areas:

  • Copyright & Trademark Practice
  • Careers in Privacy
  • Information Technology Law