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On-Campus Recruitment Programs

We invite you to download Recruiting the Fordham Lawyer [PDF] the invitation to our 2015 Fall Recruitment Program (EIW, Fall On Campus and Resume Collect Programs).

Many employers begin the process of their summer and permanent hiring by conducting time-saving on-campus interviews. Each Spring and Fall, the CPC organizes an extensive On-Campus Interview Program, attracting a multitude of employer to Fordham's conveniently located Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan. Our roster of on-campus employers encompasses law firms, accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, and public interest organizations.

We have also created a recruitment program, The Resume Advance Program, for employers from outside the tri-state area. We encourage you to view our brochures highlighting the Fordham Connection in selected cities (Note: Brochures are in PDF format.):

 Atlanta, GA [PDF]  Los Angeles, CA [PDF]
 Boston, MA [PDF]  Miami, FL [PDF]
 Chicago, IL [PDF]  Philadelphia, PA [PDF]
 Washington, DC [PDF]  San Francisco, CA [PDF]

We invite public sector employers to view the Public Interest Resource Center's Guide for Public Service Employers  [PDF].

The On-Campus Interview Program is divided into two different sections, each with its own distinctive focus:

The Fall On-Campus Interview Program         The Spring On-Campus Interview Program
2015 Fall OCI Key Dates