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Annual Fund

The Fordham Law Annual Fund is about the power of numbers. It pools gifts of all sizes to enrich the student experience.

How? By focusing your contributions to the School where assistance is needed most urgently.

This fiscal flexibility allows us to take advantage of opportunities in student and faculty recruitment, career planning services, scholarly research, student organizations, and hands-on training through clinical education. Excellence in these areas distinguishes Fordham Law from other leading law schools; your support of the Fund makes that excellence possible.

With your gift, you become a partner in training the next generation of Fordham lawyers. These men and women—in both the full-time day and part-time evening programs—will uphold and shape the rule of law, protect civil and human rights, and advance our individual and shared wealth in business and industry.

Your continued support of the Law Annual Fund is critical. It demonstrates your commitment to the School, its mission, and ensures that generations of students will continue to benefit from a Fordham Law education.