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Messages from Alumni Leaders

From the Campaign Co-Chairs

Our greatest investment is in the minds of the future. There is no community more dedicated to the forging of young, strong minds to tackle the challenges of tomorrow than our own Fordham Law School.

Please join us in supporting the vision of Fordham Law as one of the preeminent law schools in the nation.

Your gift to the Fordham Law Campaign will help make this vision a reality.

Thank you,

T.J. Maloney '79
Thomas A. Moore '72

From the FLAA Development Committee

Fordham Law has been an important touchstone in our professional and personal lives. The close-knit, supportive community we enjoyed as students has become a vital network of colleagues and friends. We want to ensure that today's and tomorrow's students benefit from this same uniquely Fordham experience.

Please join us in supporting the Fordham Law Campaign. We encourage you to select the priority that's most important to you and make a gift to help reach the School's goal. Your contributions do so much to strengthen Fordham and deepen our commitment to preparing proud, responsible leaders in the law.

All the best,

Timothy Reynolds '80
Samrat S. Khichi '98