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Recent Graduates Committee

If you graduated from Fordham Law within the last 10 years (2005-2014), you are one of our recent graduates. There are more than 5,500 of you who represent Fordham Law School’s tradition of excellence and commitment to service.

The Recent Graduates Committee (RGC) members are the Law School's newest champions. They are alumni from the last ten years who dedicate their time and talents to strengthening the mission of Fordham Law.  Their specific goals are to:

  • Serve as a source of ideas and opinions on current projects, services, and ways to improve the Law School
  • Increase awareness of the School’s programs, services, and reputation
  • Assist current students with networking, career advice and guidance
  • Provide suggestions to improve overall fundraising efforts of recent graduates 
  • Increase the number of recent graduate donors to the School through gifts to the Annual Fund

Membership Responsibilities:

  • Attend recent graduate sponsored events
  • Attend Recent Graduate Committee Meetings (4 meetings total)
  •  Communicate with recent graduates regarding events at Fordham Law School
  • Assume the responsibility, with the co-chairs, to help meet the 2014-2015 fundraising goal among recent graduates (25% alumni giving)
  • Make a gift early in the fiscal year

RGC Chairs for FY14-15 :
Kevin Manz '09 & Brian Power '07

Recent Graduates Committee:
George B. Adams '13
Theresa M. Adamski '12
Hannah C. Amoah '06
Andrew Arons '08
Laura L. Berger '06
Jonathan H. Bernstein '08
Jessica L. Boffa '11
Mary C. Brennan '12
Casey H. Calhoun '11
Meghan J. Carey '07
Allison M. Cerilli '11
Maurice Collada '10
William P. Cooper-Daub '12
Jeffrey Cunningham '10
Justin D. D'Aloia '10
Anthony Del Giudice '07
Eduardo J. Diaz '05
Fawziyya H. Fox '10
Adam D. Friedland '12
Anna E. Gabbay '13
Richard D. Gage '13
Gabriel K. Gillett '11
Matthew R. Gilmartin '06
Elysa B. Goldberg '10
Sarah R. Goodman '14
Duane E. Hanson '09
Sean M. Harrigan Jr. '07
Tessa B. Harvey '12
Meredith B. Hatic '13
Mary K. Houston '10
Cynthia Isales '05
Shane B. Kelbey '06
Maxim M. Lebowitz-Nowak '12
Martha A. Leibell '10
Noah Liben '09
William Lim '07
George A. LoBiondo '12
Michael D. Longyear '08
Mary W. Lovely '10
Amelia A. Martella '07
Matthew B. McFarlane '05
Joshua L. McGuire '09
Patrick D. McKegney '11
Leigh A. McKegney '10
Robert L. Meyerhoff '12
Chandler A. Michael '12
Jessica D. Mikhailevich '09
Courtney P. Mitchell '08
Konstantina A. Mitsis-Calabro '08
Leo Muchnik '12
Sarah G. Passeri '08
Robert Phansalkar '10
Maurice Pianko '09
Seth A. Piken '07
Joseph Porrovecchio Jr., FCRH'93, LAW'03
Thomas Porrovecchio '06
Adam C. Pullano '13
Matthew F. Putorti '11
Christopher M. Rodriguez '13
Laura Rowntree GSE'06, LAW'09
Diana Santos '10
Katherine M. Sheridan '11
Hannah J. Steinblatt '13
Sarah K. Stern '07
Sara Tam '13
Cheryl A. Thill, FCLC'04, LAW'07
Andra Troy '12
Gabrielle Y. Vazquez '07
Anthe Vorkas '09
Rebecca K. Waldman '06
Audra M. White '10
Maria W. Wong,  FCRH'05, LAW'08
Gregory E. Xethalis '05
Amanda M. Yu '14
Joanna M. Zdanys '13
Allison J. Zolot '09

If you are interested in joining the Recent Graduates Committee, please contact Nancy Totino, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, via email at