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Fordham is home to 65 full-time professors and over 200 adjunct professors. Our faculty is committed to preparing students for the practice of law and to stimulating their interest in legal scholarship. At the heart of the law school, our professors help students understand their responsibilities as legal professionals to their clients and their communities.  


Clinic for Rights
Clinical Associate Professor Chi Mgbako discusses work with the Walter Leitner International Human Rights Clinic.

New Look at IP Law
Professor Sonia Katyal examining IP law from a social justice perspective.

Business Law
Professor Sean Griffith talks about the Corporate Law Center.

Law of the Land
Professor Nestor Davidson discusses the Urban Law Center.

Questioning Authority
Professor Abner Greene talks about his book Against Obligations.

Legally, and Morally, Binding Agreements
Professor Aditi Bagchi on the the full spectrum of contract law.

Legal Ethics
Professor Bruce Green talks about the Steins Scholars Program.