Fordham Law

Forum on Law, Culture & Society Announces Competition Awards

October 26, 2012

Fordham Law's Forum on Law, Culture & Society announced the winners of its inaugural FOLCS Short Film Competition on the closing night of the seven-day Forum Film Festival on October 25. Out of 65 entries from 12 countries, the top eight original shorts on a legal theme were screened. Genres included drama, documentary, animation, and comedy.

The screenings were followed by an on-stage discussion with filmmakers from four of the films and led by film historian Annnette Insdorf, who directs the Undergraduate Film Studies at Columbia University. Audience members voted for the Audience Favorite Award, which was presented along with FOLCS Awards for Best Short Film, 2nd and 3rd Place, and Best Screenplay selected by a panel of judges. Erin Bundra, a 2012 Fordham Law graduate and filmmaker, directed the Short Film Competition for the Forum Film Festival. 

The 12 countries represented were the United States, France—with 22 entries—Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, London, India, Canada, Israel, South Korea and Portugal. 

FOLCS Awards Night capped off a Film Festival that featured Elie Wiesel, Judge Denny Chin '78, John Turturro, Dick Cavett, Bob Simon, David Strathairn, Richard Price, and others.
 Carole Mathieu-Castelli and Thierry Humbert
Carole Mathieu-Castelli and Thierry Humbert with their awards for My Piece of Happiness.


  • Best Short and Best Screenplay and Audience Favorite: My Piece of Happiness
    Director and Screenwriter: Carole Mathieu-Castelli
    Producer: Thierry Humbert
    Genre: Drama
    Country: France
    Synopsis: This film takes a look at the pain of post-divorce fathers, who often get limited custody and whose parenting is compromised by strict and unfeeling legal rules.
  • 2nd Place: Schengen
    Director: Annarita Zambrano
    Genre: Drama
    Country: France
    Synopsis: In a military-divided Paris, Ines Raymond interviews men and women who are seeking visas to cross from the right bank of the river Seine to the left bank.
  • 3rd Place: Transgression
    Directors: TJ Barber and Morgan Hargrave
    Genre: Documentary
    Country: United States (Cambridge, MA)
    Synopsis: The story of Norma, a transgendered woman who sought asylum in the United States after fleeing discrimination in Mexico only to be confronted with the harsh reality of an immigration system hostile to both undocumented aliens and those who are alienated from society on account of their sexual orientation.

Competition Judges:

  • Annette Insdorf, director of the Undergraduate Film Studies at Columbia University/film historian
  • Daniel Anker, Oscar-nominated/Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker
  • Isaiah Sheffer, Symphony Space co-founder/founding artistic director
  • Mark Ethan, Actor/film professor
  • Ronald Guttman, actor (Mad Men/Hunt for Red October/August Rush/27 Dresses)

Submission details for the 2013 Short Film Competition will be announced in November 2012 at