Speaking Engagements and Publications

Books (publisher Wolters Kluwer)

--Electronic Discovery:  Law and Practice (co-author David Lender, two volumes in 2d edition, updated annually for 12 years and running):  this is the leading treatise in the field of electronic discovery frequently cited in federal court opinions.

--Social Media:  Legal Risk and Corporate Policy:  published in 2013 and currently undergoing a major update, this book explores the nascent case law involving social media and corporate compliance approaches, as well as data privacy policies of leading social media policies.

--Electronically Stored Information Handbook:  Sources, Technology and Process (co-author Ed Kalbaugh):  originally published in 2009, the handbook was intended to provide non-technical legal professionals with a resource for understanding the process and technology of handling electronic discovery and includes a companion CD with sample forms, policies, checklists, etc.  The entire book is now included as part of the two volume Law and Practice treatise.