Useful Websites

The following websites are useful sights built to assist professors in properly and expeditiously, making available all information needed for your stay here at Fordham Law:


Faculty Intranet (FacNet)

FacNet is a section of the law school’s website that allows faculty to print course rosters, email students, view course evaluations and post syllabi and first class assignments.  The following link will bring you to the FacNet login page:  Please contact the Manager of Faculty Support (see directory) in order to obtain your login information.

Syllabus and First Class Assignment Board

It is customary to post information about the class including a syllabus and the first assignment prior to the first class meeting. In order for you to communicate with students prior to the first class session, the Law School developed the Syllabus and First Class Assignment Board that allows you to post introductory messages, first class assignments, required textbooks, recommended textbooks and syllabi in the form of file attachments under your course heading.   Instructions are emailed to you prior to the start of the semester to let you know when the Syllabus and First Assignment Board will be “open” for posting for that semester. 


Registrar's Websites

Academic Calendar:

Academic Regulations:


Important Announcements:

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       – Exam: