Henry Brook Adams

Welcome to the adjunct faculty of Fordham University School of Law.  You play an important role in the legal education of the student body, bringing substantive expertise, enthusiasm, and a generous commitment of your time.  The School's adjunct professors help enrich the breadth of courses we can offer our students and enhance the diversity of perspectives to the School's academic curricula and community.

This webpage is designed to help acquaint you with the policies and procedures of Fordham Law School, and to assist you as you prepare for and conduct class.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or other members of the Fordham staff listed in the directory.

The motto of Fordham Law School is "In the Service of Others."  Your participation in the School's faculty helps us fulfill this.  We wish you a stimulating academic year and a wonderful experience with us.

                                                          Michael M. Martin, Dean
                                                          Sheila Foster, Vice Dean of Academics
                                                          Professor James Kainen,
                                                          Director of the Adjunct Program