Dan Feldman
Adjunct Professor of Law

New York State Trial Lawyers Association
132 Nassau Street
New York,  New York  10038
Email: dan.feldman1@gmail.com
Telephone: 212.349.5890
Fax: 212.608.2310

Daniel L. Feldman is Executive Director and General Counsel at the New York State Trial Lawyers Association.

Mr. Feldman was born in New York City in 1949, and graduated from Columbia College and Harvard Law School. He then specialized in securities litigation at the law firm Olwine, Connelly, Chase, O’Donnell & Weyher. In 1974, Mr. Feldman became executive assistant to then-Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman. In 1977, he became counsel to the New York State Assembly Subcommittee on City Management, and then to the Assembly Committee on Oversight & Investigations.

Feldman was elected to the Assembly from the 45th A.D. in Brooklyn in 1980. Between 1981 and 1998, Mr. Feldman authored over 140 laws, including New York’s Organized Crime Control Act and New York’s Megan’s Law, laws establishing the New York City Transit Corps of Engineers, the Tax Assessment Small Claims Court, the power of judges to revoke the gun licenses and seize the guns of perpetrators of domestic violence, and the right of motorists to make the Parking Violations Bureau pay them when they are harassed unreasonably.

From 1999 through April 2005 he served as Assistant Deputy Attorney General for Legal Policy & Program Development in New York State’s Department of Law under Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. His responsibilities included preparing litigation against handgun manufacturers and a prominent insurance company, managing a major real estate fraud investigation, and representing the Attorney General regarding criminal justice legislation.

Mr. Feldman has taught law, government, and political philosophy at various prominent universities in the northeast since 1977, and presented lecture series on jurisprudence and administrative law at Oxford University in 1982 and 1990.

Mr. Feldman is married to Cecilia Gardner, an attorney, and has two children, Asher, born in 1990, and Leah, born in 1992.

Professional Affiliations

New York (1975); S.D.N.Y. E.D.N.Y., Second Circuit, U.S. Supreme Court (1996)
Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution (2000-2003); State Affairs Committee (2003-present)
Advisory Group to the State-Federal Judicial Council (2004-present)
American Political Science Association
Steering Committee, (National) Campaign for Effective Crime Policy (1992-2001)


J.D. ‘73, Harvard Law School. Recipient, Williston Prize for Contract Negotiation
A.B.‘70, Columbia College. Recipient, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation NYC Urban Fellowship