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Adding Class Cancellations (for Registrar's Office)

  1. Log in to Active Data Calendar.
  2. Click "Modify/Cancel/Delete."
  3. Search for "Class Cancellation."
  4. Select "Class Cancellation" from search result.
  5. Select "Modify the Series" under "Modify Event."
  6. Click on "Scheduling & Facilities."
  7. Add number of occurrences.
  8. Edit dates of newly added occurrences.
  9. Preview and finish.
  10. Click "Modify/Cancel/Delete."
  11. Select "Class Cancellations."
  12. Select "Modify an Occurrence(s) in the Series."
  13. Modify occurrence. (required fields)
    1. Event Name Format:  Class Cancellation: Course name
    2. Event Description: Name of professor
    3. Add the start time and end time of the cancelled class.
    4. Add the room number of the cancelled class.
  14. Preview and finish.