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Adding an Event (Single-Day or Multiple-Day)

  1. Log in to Active Data Calendar.
  2. Click "Add" in the "Events" tab.
  3. Enter event details in the different sections.
    1. Main Information (required fields)
      1. Event Name
      2. Department (Defaults to your department.)
      3. Category (Defaults to your category.)
      4. Event Description
    2. Scheduling & Facilities
      1. Start and end date (required fields)
      2. Start and end time (required fields)
      3. Click "Generate Schedule."
      4. Assign location. (required field)  NOTE:  This is not a room reservation tool.  You still need to contact the person in-charge of booking the rooms or locations.
      5. Click "Save."
    3. Images & Attachments
      1. Select an image from the "Active Data Calendar Event Images" folder in the K:\ drive.
      2. Up to three files can be attached to the event.
    4. Details & Registration
      1. Check box to enable registration.  Additional information will be required.
  4. Click "Preview."
  5. Click "Finish."