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Public Service at Fordham Law

At Fordham Law, “In the service of others” is more than our motto. Service is a guiding principle in preparing our students to confront the challenges of our times. We dedicate ourselves to educating our law students to become leading legal professionals who will effect real change through principled, ethical lawyering, active citizenship and an unwavering dedication to justice.

 Profile in Public Service
Vivian Huelgo '97


Our full-time and adjunct faculty engage in substantive legal practice and produce cutting-edge academic scholarship on pressing matters of law and ethics. Many alumni pursue public service through careers in government or nonprofit public interest organizations. Others demonstrate their commitment by performing substantial pro bono work while at law firms or corporations.

From student-initiated groups and service-oriented legal centers to specialized academic courses, to the experiential learning opportunities of clinics and externships, Fordham Law provides countless avenues for students to pursue their public service passions.

  • Our award-winning Public Interest Resource Center provides the impetus for the Law School's over 25 student-run pro bono and community service organizations.
  • Through our Externship Program, students earn academic credit as they work alongside lawyers or judges in a number of professional legal environments, and combine this work with academic reflection.
  • Our Clinical Legal Education Program, consisting of more than 15 law clinics, provides real-world legal experience under intensive supervision of faculty who are also practicing attorneys, in areas as diverse as community economic development, immigrant rights, family advocacy, criminal defense and criminal prosecution, and international human rights.
  • The Stein Scholars Program is a comprehensive three-year program that offers community, guidance, and financial support to help students launch and maintain nonprofit and government careers.
  • Our centers and institutes such as the Stein Center for Law and Ethics, the Feerick Center for Social Justice, and the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice perform innovative legal work and inspire our students to immerse themselves in critical issues-based legal projects inside the classroom and around the world. 

 Profile in Public Service
Ian Weinstein

Few places provide a ground more fertile for public service work than New York City. The 300 square miles of the City offer a landscape rich in legal opportunities. Every year, a new class of Fordham Law students engages in important public service work by banding together with the community, connecting with underrepresented and needy populations as well as government agencies, and making a real difference through a myriad of public service projects.

Finally, extensive career counseling with a focus on public service opportunities—including academic year and summer internships and volunteer opportunities, summer and post-graduate fellowships, and full-time public sector employment—is available to Fordham Law students and alumni.