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Public service career receptions and fairs are great opportunities to meet with public service employers—attorneys with non-profits, government agencies and private public interest law firms--in one place and over the course of only a few hours.  Receptions provide a chance to talk with these attorneys to learn about various practice areas and settings, types of work and career paths.  Career fairs are primarily designed to let you interview with a number of employers from around the country over the course of one or two days; the fairs often also include separate opportunities to meet and talk with attorneys at informational tables, sometimes called “table talk.”   The Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) coordinates Fordham Law's participation in several receptions and fairs including:

Public Interest Career Reception - August 31, 2011, New York City Bar:  Great way to meet more than 75 metro-area (and beyond) public service employers in an informal setting.  Employers will sit behind tables and are there to talk about their work, careers, distribute literature about their organization or agency, and answer questions.  Come to gather information about the public service job market, make contacts and speak with public service practitioners and other students who share your interests.  Learn about the range of public service work.  This will enable you to make better choices in your career planning and job search.  Start out the school year by coming to the reception - there's no pressure since the organizations, agencies, and firms are there to reach out to you but not to talk about immediate openings.  No prior registration is necessary.

Equal Justice Works Annual Public Interest Law Career Fair and Conference - October 2011, Washington, D.C.: The nation's largest publlic service career fair and features one-on-one interviews for upper level students, information tables for 1L/1Es and other alumna, along with workshops on "hot" legal issues, organizing and skills development.  The event attracts more than 150 employers, 1,000 students and graduates from across he country.  It offers law students, law graduates and employers a unique opportunity to meet and interview in one location.  Registration is free--see websire for deadlines and more information.

Public Interest Legal Career Fair - February 2012, NYC. Fair includes formal interviews for students, information tables for students and alumna--for summer and full-time post-graduate positions--approximately 190 employers from across the country participate.  Many Fordham students receive their summer job offers as a result of this event.

PIRC will publicize each of these events, provide you all the written details you need to register for the Fairs (including deadlines) and the logistics.  PIRC will have orientation programs so that you'll know what to exect and to help prepare you to do your best and follow-up programs.  It's key that you check your email from PIRC staff so you won't miss out.