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To make an appointment with a counselor in the Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC), drop by the PIRC Office, Room 08 on the Garden Level in the Law School (next to the Cafeteria), or contact Office Manager Abby Hernandez-Brown at 212/636-6952 or mailto:

One on one counseling: 
The counselors in the Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) are a valuable resource for your job search and complement the services offered by CPC. The three PIRC counselors , Directors Hillary Exter and Andrew Chapin and Assistant Dean Tom Schoenherr combine extensive experience in public service career services, counseling and public service law practice.

PIRC counselors  are available  to meet with you to:

  • discuss your interests and help you develop a plan for a job search strategy for summer, academic year, post-graduation  employment and mid-career job opportunities
  • review resumes and cover letters
  • conduct mock interviews
  • recommend and share print and online resources to help you learn about US based and international work.
  • provide you with contact information of Fordham Law alumni and others who practice in areas of interest.