Fordham Law

Leaders from Middle East to Gather at Fordham Law

November 09, 2012

Middle Eastern leaders will gather at Fordham Law School on November 17 and 18 for an invitation-only conference addressing how new constitutional governments can emerge from the Arab Spring. Participants include members of Tunisia’s and Egypt’s Constituent Assemblies as well as political leaders from Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and Morocco, among others.

The conference, titled "The Arab Spring and Constitutionalism in the Middle East," is being co-hosted by the Fundación Instituto Euroárabe de Educación y Formación of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The program will focus on issues relating to constitutional design; constitutional provisions relating to the structure of the state; provisions relating to individual rights; and controversial subjects that must be treated in a constitution, including property rights, gender equality, religion and the state, and international relations.

Confirmed speakers include the following:
  • H.E. Dr. Abdallah Al Ashaal, Lawyer, Diplomat, Former Egyptian Presidential Candidate
  • Ferida Abibi, Member of the Ennahda Movement; Representative at the Tunisian Constituent Assembly; President of the Drafting Commission on Rights and Liberties of the Future Tunisian Constitution
  • H.E. Dr. Huda Alban, Former Yemeni Minister of Human Rights, 2007–2011
  • Dr. Yassin El-Ayouty, Founder and President of Sunsglow, New York
  • Sahar Aziz, Associate Professor, Texas Wesleyan School of Law
  • Iyed Dahmani, Member of the Executive Committee of the Parti Démocrate Progressiste; Representative at the Tunisian Constituent Assembly; Member of the Drafting Commission on Rights and Liberties of the Future Tunisian Constitution
  • Nestor Davidson, Professor, Fordham Law School, Director, Urban Law Center
  • Elizabeth Defeis, Professor, Seton Hall Law School, Director, Albert Einstein Institution
  • Martin Flaherty, Professor, Fordham Law School, Co-Director, Leitner Center for International Law and Justice
  • Dr. Ghazi Gherairi, Secretary General, International Academy of Constitutional Law (Tunisia), Former Spokesman of the Tunisia's High Commission for the Realization of Revolution Objectives, Political Reform and Democratic Transition
  • H.E. Dr. Hussein Hassouna, Former Ambassador of the League of Arab States to the U.S., Member, UN International Law Commission
  • The Honorable Mohamed T. Khairullah, Mayor of Prospect Park, New Jersey
  • Begoña Lagabaster, Political Advisor, Leadership and Political Participation Section of UN WOMEN
  • Dr. Anouar Majid, Associate Provost of the University of New England; Renowned Author on Arab/U.S. Relations
  • Dr. Omar Mohammedi, Managing Partner, the Law Firm of Omar Mohammedi, LLC., New York
  • Dr. Ayman Nour, Founder and Chairman of the Ghad El Thawra Party, Deputy Secretary General of the Egyptian Constituent Assembly
  • Ruti G. Teitel, Professor, New York Law School, Co-Director, Institute for Global Law, Justice & Policy
  • Driss El Yazami, President, National Council of Human Rights of Morocco