Information Technology

Virtual Lab

The Law School provides students access to computer sessions, identical to work stations, on their personal computers and laptops via Citrix*. It's a virtual computer lab.

This solution will provide access to the following from any Windows or Mac OS X computer:

  • The Law School's Desktop through a secure session;
  • Your local computer's drives (C:\, D:\, etc.) and your personal network drive (M:\);
  • Your locally attached printers along with the school's network printers. 


Log in to the Virtual Lab now!

To get started, choose a desired resolution:

1024 x 768

Large Window
(90% of Screen)
 Full Screen

IMPORTANT: In order to use the Virtual Lab from your computer, you must:
1) Have the citrix plugin installed. Download is available here.
2) Be connected to Fordham University's network. In order to access the Virtual Lab from outside of Fordham's network (off-campus), use the Law School's VPN service.


Helpful PDF Guides


*Citrix is a software solution that allows Fordham Law Help Desk to manage student accounts more efficiently and give students the ability to run a computer session directly from Fordham Law servers.