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Scholarships and Loan Assistance--A Call to Action

Scholarships and Loan Assistance at Fordham Law School make it possible to recruit the best and brightest students. Nationally, applications are down over the past 2 years by nearly 25% making this a critical time to attract and keep the most promissing students. Fordham Law School needs to increase our financial aid offerings two fold to remain competitive.

We are grateful to the generosity of our alumni and friends who have established endowed scholarships. Their legacy will carry on indefinitely. Not only do benefactors enhance the lives of the student they support financially, they also have the opportunity to interact with the recipients. An endowed scholarship can be established with a gift of $100,000.

Current-use scholarships have a greater immediate impact for our students. Every dollar that is donated in one year goes directly to a student in need. Fordham Law School is striving to create 40 named current-use scholarships with three year $15,000 annual commitments. This 'sweet-spot' for financial aid will ensure the strength of our student body and the future generations of alumni.

The combined effect of multiple small gifts from alumni to the Fordham Law Scholarship Fund enables Fordham Law to provide more aid to our students. These small gifts add up to truly make a difference in student life at the School.

If you or someone you know is interested in funding a current or endowed scholarship at Fordham Law, please contact Brian Lenker at 212-636-6569 or via email at