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Recent Graduates Committee

If you graduated from Fordham Law within the last 10 years (2003-2012), you are one of our recent graduates. There are more than 5,500 of you who represent Fordham Law School’s tradition of excellence and commitment to service.

The Recent Graduates Committee (RGC) members are the Law School's newest champions. They are alumni from the last ten years who dedicate their time and talents to strengthening the mission of Fordham Law.  Their specific goals are to:

  • Increase the number of recent graduate donors to the School through gifts to the Annual Fund
  • Assist current students with networking, career advice and guidance
  • Increase awareness of the School’s programs, services, and reputation
  • Serve as a source of ideas and opinions on current projects, services, and ways to improve the Law School
  • Provide suggestions to improve overall fundraising efforts of recent graduates

Membership Responsibilities:

  • Make a gift early in the fiscal year
  • Attend Recent Graduate Committee Meetings (4 meetings total)
  • Assume the responsibility, with the co-chairs, to help meet the 2012-2013 fundraising goal among recent graduates (25% alumni giving) 
  • Solicit gifts for the Annual Fund
  • Communicate with recent graduates regarding events at Fordham Law School
  • Attend recent graduate sponsored events

RGC Chairs for FY12-13 :
Gregory Xethalis '05 & Brian Chebli '04

RGC Members:
Jonathan Bernstein 2008
Casey Calhoun 2011
Shannon Chang-Hanson 2008
Brian Chebli 2004
Michele Chebli 2004
Maurice Collada 2010
William Cooper-Daub 2012
Justin D'Aloia 2010
Anthony Del Giudice 2007
Mauricio Espana 2003
Adam Friedland 2012
Gabi Gillett 2011
Matt Gilmartin 2006
Elysa Goldberg 2010
Rebecca Kahan 2006
Martha  Leibell 2010
William Lim 2007
George LoBiolondo 2012
Mary Lovely (Whelan) 2010
Kevin Manz 2009
Amy Martella 2007
Matt McFarlane 2005
Joshua McGuire 2008
Patrick McKegney 2011
Eric Medina 2004
Robert Meyerhoff 2012
Courtney Mitchell 2008
John Owens 2004
Sarah Passeri (Gogal) 2008
Maurice Pianko 2009
Joe Porrovecchio 2003
Brian  Power 2004
Jenn Rosa 2004
Laura Rowntree 2009
Diana Santos 2010
Leigh Van Ostrand 2010
Gabrielle Vasquez 2007
Anthe Vorkas 2009
Maria Wong 2008
Greg Xethalis 2005

Upcoming Meeting Dates: February 2, 2013 and May 22, 2013