Content Management System

CMS Editing Guides For All Users

General Guidelines
  1. Always open the foundation of a page before editing.
  2. Always release a page from draft status after editing.
  3. Release a page from the workflow when the page is ready to be published.

Step-by-step Instructions


  1. Editing the Order of the Left-hand Navigation, i.e. sub-pages of a page
  2. Displaying or Not Displaying a Sub-page or Link in the Left-hand Navigation
  3. Searching for a Page Using a Page ID


  1. Adding a Sub-page
  2. Changing the Title of a Page
  3. Renaming a Page or URL (Universal Resource Locator)


  1. Adding Content to the Body of a Page
  2. Uploading a File and Linking the File from a Page
  3. Uploading a Photo to a Page