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What is a workflow?

A workflow is a business process related to web content.  Each department, student group, journal, center or institute has a distinct workflow.  A CMS user can be part of one or more workflows. A CMS user is assigned a role in a workflow.

What are the different roles in a workflow?

There are three roles in a workflow: editor, approver, and publisher.  A page that is created or edited in CMS goes through the workflow starting with an editor to approver and finally to publisher.  A CMS user can have multiple roles in a workflow.

What does it mean when a page is in "draft status"?

When a page or a body of a page is created or edited, the page or body is in draft status.  When a page or body is in draft status, only the CMS user who created or last edited the page or body can access the content.  A page or body in draft status is not in the workflow.  The CMS user needs to release the content from draft status and submit to the workflow.