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What is a content class?

A content class is a page or a section of a page created in CMS.  There are two kinds of content classes: foundation content class and body content class.  A foundation content class is used to create a page.  A body content class is used to create content for a page.

What are the different types of foundation content classes?

01F Subpage view sample page 
02F Password Protected Subpage similar to 01F
03F Subpage without horizontal photo view sample page
04F Password Protected Subpage without horizontal photo similar to 03F
05F Hyperlink
06F News Subpage1 view sample page
07F Faculty Activity Subpage2 view sample page

1Available to the Office of Communications only.
2Available to Faculty and Academic Support only.

What are the different types of body content classes?

You can select from a variety of body content classes.  The body content classes available to you can contain text, bullet points, photos, tables, videos, Flash files, audio files, PDF files, and other types of files.  After opening the foundation of a page, click on "Manage Body Content," then "Create and Connect Page" and select a body content class.