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Bulletin Boards

Announcements or notices for activities hosted by offices or organizations in the law school are to be placed on bulletin boards and are not to exceed 20" x 15". Each office and student organization at the Law School that has been assigned a bulletin board, or a portion of one, is responsible for the upkeep of its bulletin board. These offices and organizations are the only ones authorized to post or remove notices and announcements on their respective bulletin boards.

Bulletin boards for general announcements and coming events are currently available in Stairwell E and the second floor of Stairwell D. Notices and announcements to be posted on these boards are to be approved by the office of the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. Any notice posted on these bulletin boards without prior approval will be removed. Each office or organization placing dated materials on these bulletin boards will also be responsible for their removal after the announced activity has taken place.

No announcement or notice for an activity hosted by a Law School office or organization may be posted on the walls, doors, glass panes or in bathrooms of the Law School. The only exception to this general policy will be notices directing Law School guests to the location of conferences or seminars being held at the Law School or to telephones and other facilities at their disposal. Also, in keeping with the University's Alcohol Policy, Student Affairs will be unable to approve announcements for events involving alcohol. For more information, contact Student Affairs in Room 06, Garden Level.